I have come to the conclusion that there just aren’t enough Tim Hortons.

Yeah, there’s four in the Lockport area … a few in NT … and a couple in the Falls (plus a ton in Erie County) … but what about rural Niagara County?

I drive to a friends house in LaSalle every Wednesday. There’s not one Tim Horton’s along my route. What’s up with that?

Can’t they put one on 31 at Shawnee or something? Or how about the corner of Lockport and Ward? And if you’re going from Lockport to Youngstown … forget it. You better stock up ahead of time.

I think there should be a dollar store and a Tim Hortons at least every couple miles.

Okay. I’m just kidding … about the dollar store part.

By the way, check the map. (click on it to enlarge) I love that MapQuest spells Pekin … Perkin. Maybe there should be a Perkins there. Can’t have too many of those, either.
2 thoughts on “Not enough Tim Hortons …”
  1. Much like the silent Mexican invasion taking over the southern states, Tim Hortons is a silent Canadian invasion taking over the Northern states.

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