Tim Marren, editor of the Union-Sun & Journal, commented on an earlier post about hockey, noting that Hockey Night in Canada will no longer use their famous theme music.

I found a story online explaining it, saying that it cost nearly $500 per episode for them to use it … and that the song’s “owner” felt it was being overused.

What’s next? Don Cherry can’t wear his famous mis-matched suits?

3 thoughts on “Hockey Night in Canada loses theme?”
  1. It’s official….HNIC lost rights to the song and CTV (channel 9 in T.O.) bought them:


  2. In that story, they talk about possibly having a contest for Canadians to write a new theme. Good idea. We could do the same here – for the Sabres. But it would never replace the Sabredance … which Doug Young calls the Sabres Dance. *shakes head*

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