So, apparently Vs. and NBC want to make it easier to follow the puck during NHL games in an effort to increase the fan base.

While I don’t have a problem with the goal in particular, if it looks anything like the video below, I don’t know if I can watch NHL hockey on either of those channels anymore (not that I like to anyway … I’ll take MSN over either). This will make me a CBC fan quick …

There’s a group online starting a petition to prevent this travesty … click here for more info or to sign the petition …

2 thoughts on “What a horrible idea …”
  1. Man, watching that brought me back to EA Sports NHL 2002…At least I know what player I’m controlling 🙂

    I don’t know, maybe in highlights between periods it would work, but not for the whole telecast. Too much on the eye for the fan that ALREADY knows where the puck is!

    How much more does the NHL have to dumb down its game to bring in the “casual” fan? I can’t for the life of me find the golf ball when Tiger drives it into the sky, but I’ll still watch on a Sunday afternoon, even without a ring around it. Millions of others are watching as well.

    These techniques are cool when breaking down the game, but not for the whole broadcast.

    As to CBC, you have to make that a permanent switch. CBC has it down, and is very traditional in its broadcasts, with a lot more depth. The only bad news with regard to CBC is it lost the rights to the opening theme song. Pretty sad..


  2. This has been done before, the whole glowing puck thing ,I think back maybe 10 years ago when the FOX network had hockey. I’ve been watching as much hockey as I can on the CBC since “aboot” 1977 anyways so those americans can have their glowing puck. As for a new theme song how “aboot” 50 mission cap by the Tragically Hip!!

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