The NFTA was one of over 100 mass transit systems in the county to host a “dump the pump” day on Thursday.

The organization also held a press conference to discuss it. Lawrence Meckler, NFTA executive director said that changing economic conditions coupled with future development plans could be enough to fuel the oft-discussed expansion of the Metro Rail system. He also said that “nothing is cast in stone,” and it may take years before it becomes a reality.

The NFTA last considered Metro Rail expansion in 2001, but at the time, the idea was scrapped because of its high cost and doubts about the investment would pay off in the long term. Read more in Business First.

With $4-plus gasoline, many area residents have said they wished Metro Rail were extended. I recently wrote a column about it, in fact.

What do you think? Would you ride Metro Rail if it extended further? It’s time for a new poll anyway … so let’s have at it. The new poll will be up by six p.m.

One thought on “NFTA may extend rail service …”
  1. The right of way for this runs alongside the rail tracks that pass in front of my factory. I would love to see it built…it would make for an awesome people mover (with international potential).

    The current national rail systems are already backlogged (one of my future columns) which prevents using the existing rail system and requires a project such as this. But this would require a considerable ivestment in rails and equipment…so I don’t see it happening in any large scale. It’s waaay beyond the NFTA’s finances. Sure, they could get federal funds, but that would be a very tough sell for a local economy/population as tame as ours.

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