It being Monday, Bob Confer was my guest for the first 15, talking about the crazy capital of New York and the end of session things they’re NOT doing. Then we shifted gears and Brian Grear, Niagara County Sheriff’s Deputy, announced his candidacy for the New York State Senate. He’ll be opposing 62nd Senate District incumbent George Maziarz – I think. Although, to my knowledge George hasn’t announced that he’s running yet. I may be wrong, but I don’t recall hearing that. Anyway, Grear had wanted to run for Sheriff, but says the GOP ran a power play to make sure that didn’t happen. As a result, he’s running against George instead. One caller said it’s sour grapes, but a handful of others seemed to appreciate that they have another choice in November. Don’t forget, Don Hobel is also running for the 62nd SD.

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