According to Ballot Access News:

New York doesn’t permit independent candidates, and the nominees of unqualified parties, to start circulating petitions until July 7. Ralph Nader’s petition in New York will carry the ballot label “Populist”. The logo will be a buffalo.

Won’t this guy go away? I can think of better animals for Ralph Nader’s campaign, but the most symbolically accurate would be a dodo bird …

One thought on “Nader chooses Buffalo logo, “Populist” party …”
  1. Nader's accomplishments.

    National Automobile and Highway Traffic Safety Act (1965)
    Clean Water Act (1968)
    Clean Air Act (1970)
    Co-Op Bank Bill (1978)
    Law establishing Environmental Protection Agency (1970)
    Consumer Product Safety Act
    Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
    Mine Health and Safety Act
    Whistleblower Protection Act
    Medical Devices safety
    Nuclear power safety
    Mobile home safety
    Consumer credit disclosure law
    Pension protection law
    Funeral home cost disclosure law
    Tire safety & grading disclosure law
    Wholesome Meat Act
    Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act
    Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act
    Wholesome Poultry Product Act
    Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) 1970
    Safe Water Drinking Act
    Freedom of Information Act
    National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act

    You're right, he should probably just go away…

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