Paul Lane over at Greater Niagara News, has some preview praise for the Dark Knight. I agree wholeheartedly. Frank and I talked about this a bit on air yesterday on WECK. There was a very cool early trailer that I had posted here a while ago, but it was pulled. Paul links to another, which looks equally awesome (watch below). Also, NBC has a cool web poll about who your favorite Batman is. Funny, everyone (self included) hated the idea at the time, but I still think Michael Keaton’s portrayal was the best. Of course, it might have been because the director and soundtrack portrayed Gotham as I thought it should be.

2 thoughts on “Paul Lane: Dark Knight looks great …”
  1. My vote? Adam West without a doubt. Lack of bat-muscles aside he was the most entertaining of them all. Second would be Keaton, followed by Val Kilmer.

  2. The last guy Bale wasn`t bad at all. Its too bad that Clooney was stuck with a bad script and supporting cast. But the movie version I want to see is Frank Millers “The Dark Knight”. When Batman is older. Having someone like Tommy Lee Jones or Clint Eastwood playing him would be awesome.

    Good topic

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