I’ve had a lot of feedback from the Bobby Anderson interview today, specifically people wanting more information on when and where he will open his restaurant. Unfortunately, I don’t have those details to give you … but as soon as I have them, I’ll put them here on the blog. The podcast is up, though.

I deleted a couple menu options from the website. I took off “MySpace” and “Twitter,” and instead put them as links on the links page … along with Facebook and LinkedIn. This should make the menu fit better in some browers. I made the podcast link go right to the main podcast page instead of giving you a second menu. It contains almost all the stuff I’ve ever done except for Dialog shows from April 2007 through June 2008 … and Reason shows before mid-June. That said, I’m slowly but surely filling that gap in. In the meantime, the Dialog podcasts for that period can be found here (there’s also a link on the left hand column of the podcast page entitled “missing epidoses” … and the Reason podcasts will just have to wait.

We got a 10th member to the forum today … and as I said I would, I added another game to the arcade to celebrate that fact. I’ll add another game at 20 members … another at 30, etc. All the way up to 150 members … at which point I’ll be out of games to add. The new game is Burger Time, which rocks.