A few things worth noting:

Got an email from Don Hobel, candidate for State Senate. He told me the turmoil in the Democratic Party (including the whole nose tweaking fiasco) has made him decide to turn down the Democratic line. He will still be running, however, on the Conservative line. He will be on WBEN this morning on Hardline with Kevin Hardwick.

There’s a story this morning in the Lockport Journal about the candidacy of Dennis Cehulik. He’s running for the State Assembly against Mike Cole. You may recall his name was announced with great fanfare – as though people had heard of him before. Of course, most hadn’t. But he is a former Delphi employee, which – I’ve found – often feel much more important than they truly are.

I started wondering late Friday … if the CWM PCB’s issue is just this year’s Air Base. I’m not a conspiracy theorist kind of guy … but I don’t put anything past Maziarz. Wouldn’t he look great if he singlehandedly saved Porter from 75,000 tons of PCBs … even if he set them up to come here first?

Speaking of the crap that’s in our back yards … on August 1, there will be a 30 year anniversary dinner for Love Canal at the VFW in Niagara Falls. Speakers include Lois Gibbs, Love Canal Survivors, and community leaders who are fighting the “Love Canals of today,” including CWM and FMC. To learn more about the history of Love Canal, visit: http://chej.org/love_canal.htm

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