News, notes and necessities

items of interest the week of July 14, 2008

an occasional update from me, Scott Leffler

News: This week’s edition will be short, as the upcoming calendar is mostly blank.

My lone guest scheduled for the week (at this point) is Tim Marren of the Lockport Union-Sun & Journal on Friday at 11 a.m. for Dialog. Other guests will undoubtably be booked during the course of the week to discuss any breaking news or other things of import.

Notes: I’m pleased to announce that since my last NNN, we’ve added five more users to the forum, bringing us up to 13, which allowed me to add the game Burger Time to the arcade. For every 10 users in the forum, I can add another game, so we’re just seven shy of a third one. Thanks to BUFWINGS, rob clark, Andrew, tim35, and Thong for joining.

I had lots of fun and lots of guests between the 10 shows I did last week. From blight to fireworks … the bird war to trying to figure out who a candidate isBobby Anderson told me he’s opening a restaruant and I complain about casino haters to the Niagara County Historical Society talking about OlcottLee Bordeleau suing the state and Jack Davis considering a third party run to cows run amok in my old stomping grounds … and a nose tweaking incident to set the world on fire.

A new poll went up on the website this morning asking who you think will win a three-way congressional race between Jon Powers, Jack Davis and Chris Lee. Vote on the blog page.

I’m backdating podcasts … and for Reason podcasts, I’m back to June 9th. I will keep updating podcasts going forward and will continue to backfill, first getting all the Reason podcasts online, since the Dialog podcasts are already on the WLVL website, but older Reason shows aren’t currently anywhere. Once I have all the Reason shows online, I’ll pay more attention to the older Dialog shows. I have a year’s worth to catch up on.

Necessities: If you’re a political junkie like me, this cool map by Zogby will come in handy between now and the November election.

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