Bobby Anderson dropped some news exclusively for my listeners: He’ll be opening his own restaurant right here in Western New York. Bobby, of course, was a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen. Bobby had joined me to talk about the show’s finale, which aired last night on Fox. Bobby was part of “Team Petrozza,” which lost the finale to “Team Christina.”

I also discussed the casino lawsuit in Buffalo and what it means.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a show without some bird war stories. Lesley’s dog was attacked by birds this morning. Posh Spice had her plane attacked by a bird. Frank sent me a link to a seagull attack story … with video. And someone sent me an IM saying that seagulls play a prominent role in the new movie, Hancock.

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  1. Unfortunately, Bobby didn’t give me any details other than that he’s hoping to open it in the fall. I told him I’ll keep in touch and will be sure to report any information I get here on the blog. BTW, the podcast is up … and you can hear the interview with Bobby. It’s about 19 minutes in …

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