I will occasionally get emails from people telling stories they’ve overheard at the grocery store or a local restaurant. They’re often funny – with the original story teller being incredibly misinformed … or just saying something that “catches the ear.”

I am now officially encouraging that. If you hear something you want to share with the world, send it to me in either my normal email or … heard@scottleffler.com. Occasionally, I’ll group ’em together and post it here.

I have three examples to start us off … things I found humorous.

  • A recent trip to Dunn Tire Park to see the Bisons … who were losing. The pitcher mishandled the ball attempting to throw it to 3rd Base. A 30-something year old man in the stands yells, “That’s why you’re in the minors.”
  • Several years ago at one of the many Dollar stores in Lockport, a couple in their mid-50s in the aisle over from me: (whispering, but audible) “Scott Leffler’s here.”
  • An elderly couple at a local grocery store yesterday talking about the power outage in Lockport (which resulted in WLVL being off air). “We almost didn’t get to hear Scott Leffler.”

Of course, they don’t have to be about me … those are just things that I found entertaining. I’ve seen another website do this with great results. Most of the “heards” pick on misinformed tourists on that blog.

An example from that website:

Monday night at Kelly’s Irish Times:

Female kickballer to male kickballer: “I’ve decided not to take my clothes off at the bar anymore.”
Male kickballer: “Oh really, why?
Female kickballer: “Because no one wants to marry the slut.”

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