Yesterday on Dialog I had mentioned that I want to see the new Batman movie; The Dark Knight. A caller mentioned that the Palace Theatre here in Lockport plays movies, but I said they don’t often have first run movies like The Dark Knight, prompting the following email from Ellen Schratz, executive director of the Palace.

Dear Scott,
I heard you were sad that you couldn’t see the movie Batman in Lockport.
Well it is your lucky day. (The Dark Knight) will be at the Palace Theatre
Saturday, August 23 @ 9:30Pm, Sunday August 24 @ 7PM, Tuesday, August 26
@ 7:30PM , Wednesday, August 27 @ 1PM & 7:30PM, August 28 @ 7:30PM
You can visit our website for more movie
listings. All of our tickets are only $5.
Ellen Schratz

Historic Palace Theatre

I guess I didn’t make my point as clearly as I meant to. I meant I wanted to see it IMMEDIATELY. However, my wife and I do often take the kids to movies at the Palace. The $5 price tag is nice … and it’s very roomy in there.

As an FYI, they’ll also be playing the new Indiana Jones movie soon, Wall-E (I recommend it), Kung Fu Panda, Mama Mia, Space Chimps and Sex and the City.

The Palace is an asset to Lockport, but I’d still like a movie-plex with 8 movies playing simultaneously.

One thought on “From the email; Batman to play at the Palace”
  1. That’s great that they’ll play the Dark Knight and Indiana Jones. Better late than never is an a-okay thing with me because if I was really serious about seeing those movies I’d have to drive at least 35 minutes to see them: Amherst, the Falls, Clarence, or Brockport. A 35 minute drive just ain’t worth it.

    Long live the Palace!

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