I had what seemed to be a million topics today … both on Reason on Hometown 1230 WECK and on Dialog on WLVL in Lockport.

Let’s start with the first show, where I discussed the fact that 75 percent of the Buffalo police officers who would be losing their “take-home cars” live in the suburbs. And we had fun with math on how much it’s costing the city. I discussed the suburban terrorists blowing up mailboxes. Talked about story from England where church parishioners were being attacked by flying rats. It was so bad that the pastor started wearing a hard hat to work (photo at left). Joe Major, a WECK co-worker, said I look like Chuck Todd of MSNBC. Plus he told his own bird story. And said he liked my music. Mark from Niagara Falls wonders if the birds have “Mad Bird Disease” or something … which is why they’re acting so strange. And thank goodness, you don’t have New York State as a neighbor. And finally we had some breaking news from the Onion about Ronald Reagan robbing a bank

Over at WLVL, I discussed a little more on the planned ice rink, plus the city planning on hiring a Main Street Czar. Some people liked the idea. Some (like me) opposed it.

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