The Mrs. and I just returned from Niagara Produce Lockport, the mini city version of Niagara County Produce in the old Brewhaus building at the corner of Chestnut and Washburn.

I must say, it was pretty cool. They had everything we would have normally bought at the Millersport and Transit location … and the prices, I think, were basically the same.

We bought some lunch meat, some spare ribs, corn on the cob, tomatoes, cucumbers and a variety of other fruits and vegetables. The bill came to $30 and something. We’re never disappointed in the costs there. A guy in front of us, though, did dispute something on his bill. “I don’t think I bought anything that was $30,” he said. His total was $107.

It was nice and orderly. And the selection was great, but they did seem a bit overwhelmed. Our cashier told me she didn’t expect them to be that busy today. I would have thought they would have a REAL soft opening – sans publicity. But everyone in Lockport knew they were opening today … and many wanted to be there on the first day (like the Leffler family, for example).

The wait in the deli was a little longer than we’re used to at the other location, but being day one, I was actually quite impressed with how smoothly it ran.

There seemed to be ample parking, despite the fact that the store was litterally packed. There were a few open spots when we got there … and a few open spots when we left. I think a lot of the clientele will be walking from Chestnut, Washburn, and the apartments downtown.

One thing I would suggest to manamement there: scrap the flowers. Focus on the need in the area – groceries. Just cause you have plants at the other location doesn’t mean you have to have them at the Lockport location. It appeared that they made that decision with beer. Maybe for space issues or maybe so they didn’t need a liquor license. People might MISS the beer. But they’re not going to not shop there cause it’s missing. The same would be true with the flowers. Overall, a very pleasant experience.

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