I spoke briefly yesterday about a Mike Hudson column in the Niagara Falls Reporter concerning Brian Grear, who he says is running a spiteful campaign.

Essentially, the column says Grear is upset that Maziarz wouldn’t help him become sheriff (likely true), so Grear registered Democrat to run against Maziarz for the senate, and endorsed Democrat Jim Votour for sheriff.

The crafty Rivera and the cunning Grear had a secret plan, it seems. Grear announced he was switching party affiliation from Republican to Democrat and running against Maziarz. In return for Grear backing Voutour, Rivera would back him!

Well, apparently, that’s not wholly accurate. Or even partly accurate. At least according to Brian Grear, who left the following on my voice mail yesterday afternoon:

Hey Scott. Brian Grear. Two points. One, I am still a Republican. I didn’t switch my affiliation. Listened to your show today. And number two, I never supported either candidate for sheriff. Just so you’re aware of those two things, I’ll talk to you later.

Now, as for who Grear is supporting in the sheriff’s race, I can understand how you would not know that … but his party registration? The Board of Elections is just a phone call away. Why would the Reporter not check that out? And who are they getting their information from? And why do they rip anyone who opposes Maziarz? Just some things that made me go “hmm.”

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  1. Scott, do you even have to ask that question. I find it funny that the pic on the cover of the latest NF Reporter was taken by one of the GOP`s “buff state students”.

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