Today was Crazy 8’s Day … and you could tell.

I started on a somewhat serious note, talking about the “standoff” between police and the Buffalo News … and the fact that the news won. I also discussed Jim Heaney’s blog in which me mentioned that they could go even further …

I mentioned a cool website where you can find out what incredibly lame Olympic sports are on what stations at what time. Here’s the link. Just put in your zip code and then pick your provider. It’s actually quite cool if you want to follow a specific sport … like soccer, for instance.

Lots of animal news today. From chickens on the 190 (click the link to watch the video) … to a cougar in the Town of Niagara … to dog-eating hawks in Canada.

The next topic: Naked or dead? Beginning next year, if you fly via the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, you may have to go into a phone booth aparatus that’ll make you look naked to the screeners. Rather take the bus? Hopefully you won’t be beheaded like some guy in Canada. Or you could just stay home.

PETA, which apparently doesn’t stand for “People Eating Tasty Animals,” has compared the beheading to chicken slaughter houses. How tacky.

And finally, I discussed White Supremacists for Obama. They think that if Obama wins, they’ll get more recruits. There’s a special place in hell for these twits.

So. Um. Yeah. A crazy day …