According to the Buffalo News, the state legislature held a session today for the sole purpose of taxing cigarettes sold on Indian reservations in New York.

“The only thing worse than taxes are taxes that are unevenly collected,” said Sen. Michael Nozzolio, a central New York Republican and sponsor of the bill.

Allow me to offer my own quote: “The only thing worse than New York State taxing you to death is New York State taxing purchases made in other countries,” said Scott Leffler, talk show host and opponent of complete government control.

Now Governor Paterson is in a position to sign the bill, angering New York’s Native American population … or veto it, angering the convenience story lobby and legislators who seem to not understand the term “sovereign land.”

One thought on “State legislature convenes … taxes Indians”
  1. I blew my stack when I heard this news….and think smoking is repulsive!

    The lack of leadership in Albany is without peer. We ALL as citizens know that state government is ruin, and we want results. The Governor goes into emergency mode and says he, too, wants results…but rather than do the logical things that can cut costs, they instead do something to increase revenues. What useless morons!!! They’d rather piss off just a few indians than the CSEA, teachers unions, and the like. Wimps.

    Vote ’em all out!

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