There’s an Olympic update for you … but I’m thinking, who cares? In fact, last night we watched a movie … and it ended just a few minutes before 8. Just in time for the Olympics. *sigh* I just didn’t want to watch any more Olympics. I think I’m done until the next WINTER Olympics. The games that are fun to watch.

I’ll be talking about this in about 25 minutes on WECK. Join me, won’t you? And call in. We need more calls. I’m not afraid to say it. I want to talk WITH people. Not to people. So call in. (716) 783-9325. Agree. Disagree. Doesn’t matter. Just call.

One thought on “Olympics update … who cares?”
  1. Let’s see, we’ve got the tobacco drug killing 5,000,000 addicts and hundreds of thousands of INNOCENT people (who breathed toxic tobacco smoke) around the world every year, millions of people are starving, there are disease and pestilence, but, hey, wait… let’s waste billions so we can give out ludicrous gold medals to people who can swim fast! What a country. What a planet!

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