A blog on the other side of the state has announced that Joe Mesi will be one of the first politicians to recieve the official endorsement of Tom Golisano’s PAC.

Responsible New York, is expected to make its first endorsements within a week, throwing its support and money behind two western New York Democratic Senate candidates: Richard Dollinger and “Baby” Joe Mesi.

The endorsements, aides said, come as Golisano seeks to broaden the committee’s reach by donating $1 million to the Democratic Convention’s host committee and setting up meetings with Barack Obama’s advisors next week in Denver.

Golisano has set aside as much as $5 Million for the PAC and is donating funds to both parties, but is suspected of wanting to switch control in the State Senate to the Dems.

5 thoughts on “Joe Mesi – one of Golisano’s “chosen ones””
  1. Joe Mesi had a petrified rock for a brain. Great pick, Tom and Steve! He’ll do exactly what you tell him bc his bleeding brain has about 4 functioning cells.

  2. I think that Joe Mesi my do a good job. He`s not your average “Politician ” running for office. But as far as all this money being thrown around by one person, becaeful what you ask for.

  3. anonymous — if you’re gonna run smack about Joe Mesi’s medical conditions use your name ok ? maybe his doctors could call you for more input. And what about Jack Kemp, Ed Rutkowski, Jessie the Genius Ventura, Heath Shuler etc who left the sporting world for politics –Would you think he was smarter if he climbed back into the ring for more ?

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  5. Joe Mesi came to my door the other day. I was one of the skeptics. I wasn’t sure if he had what we really deserve out of a state legislator. I grilled him on the issues. And I was stunned — this guy has real ideas and he is passionate. He’s got my vote.

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