I’m pretty jazzed about trekking out to HSBC Arena tomorrow to go to the Buffalo Brewfest 2008.

It’s $25 to get in, which gives you a souvenier tasting glass at 20 tokens, each redeemable for a 3 ounce sample of brew. So that’s 5 normal sized beers. Not bad, I suppose.

I’ll be dressed in WECK-wear … and accompanied by fellow WECK-ster Frank Miller, so if you see us, come say hi.

One thought on “On Tap: Brewfest …”
  1. the buffalo brewfest…my 4th to be exact…i would not exactly call myself a beergeek but i like my occasional beer……..and the results of the 2008 beerfest….it sucked hardcore!!!!!!!!!! SO DISAPPOINTING!!!!! NO REALLY,…DISAPPOINTING!!!!!!!! I mean, really bad. So bad, that my no so beer savy friends said after only 2 hours, “hey, lets go to to pearl street for some fresh air”. Itwas utterly disgusting! There was no room to move or to get a beer under 20 minutes! What a disappointment! I really hope the people involved are disgusted with themselves. I am a homebrewer and appreciate world renund beers, and when there are only 20 local brewers and no international brewers…..uuuhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! so frustrating!!! folks, i’ll tell you, I have been to calcutta india, and if you wanted a re-enactment… you should have gone to the buffalo brew fest 2008 at hsbc!!!!!!! organizers….you should be ashamed!!!! so much for buffalo moving ahead…why not the inside of the hsbc arena…or dunn tire or the convention center…what the F !!!!!!!!

    from a very concerned buffalonian beer drinker…..munro from derby

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