Normally I just put the front pages up and let you see for yourself, but I thought it interesting to point out the difference this morning between the Buffalo News … and the three Greater Niagara Newspapers. Neither the Buffalo News, the Gazette, Lockport Journal or Tonawanda News were positive as of press time.

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The headline on the Tonawanda News Veep story is: “Obama Veep still a mystery,” while the Gazette and US&J hint that they think they know … “Obama ‘Biden’ his time.” The Buffalo News was the bravest amongst the group, betting that Biden would win out. Their headline: “Biden leads pack to join Obama.” Of course, the story itself indicates that it’s still unclear but headed in that direction. Had Obama picked anyone but Biden, the News would have looked stupid. But they rolled the dice and won. Not something I usually recommend, by the way – guessing on news.