So I wake up this morning … and immediately check my phone for my text from Barack Obama, announcing his Veep pick. I didn’t have one from Barack … just one from Rus Thompson telling me “It’s Spitzer.” (Thanks, Rus. I’ll get ya back).

So I check my Twitter …


Really? Joe Biden? And he announced it at like three in the morning? Way to completely screw up at the end there, Obama. You had everyone interested. Intrigued. Frothing at the mouth. And then … when everyone’s asleep you make the announcement that the most boring of your “short list” is “the guy.”


Look, I don’t have anything against Joe Biden. I just don’t have anything for him either. He makes me sleepy. And he’s not exactly the merchant of “change,” is he? Of course, he’s also “safe.” And I guess that’s what Obama was going for … is “safe.”

Some will commend him for “safe,” but I think it shows a certain level of arrogance on his part. It means he thinks the election is his to lose. And with that attitude, he just might.