Elizabeth Benjamin of the NY Daily News writes:

Two upstate New York congresswomen, Louise Slaughter (NY-28) and Kirsten Gillibrand (NY-20), are part of the line-up of speakers at the Women’s Caucus meeting during the convention here in Denver.

Both Democrats are scheduled to speak Thursday. They are the only New York electeds on the list (read: not Hillary Clinton).

The Tuesday speakers include EMILY’s List President Ellen Malcolm (a big Clintonista), former Bill Clinton advisor-turned-commentator Donna Brazile and two actresses: Rosario Dawson and Fran Drescher.

Gillibrand, a freshman Democrat with ties to Clinton, surprised the New York political world when she came from behind to oust former Republican Rep. John Sweeney from office in 2006 in the 20th CD,. in which the GOP has an 80,000+ voter enrollment edge.

She’s now among the Republicans’ top targets this fall and is being challenged by former state GOP Chairman Sandy Treadwell.

Gillibrand took over a month off the campaign trail after she gave birth to her second child (she took some heat in the district for daring to get pregnant in the first place) and now evidently feels comfortable enough for a jaunt to Denver to participate in the convention festivities.

Slaughter also has a GOP challenger, David Crimmen, but as of early August, he hadn’t raised any money and doesn’t appear to pose much of a threat to her.