Hall of Fame quarterback and future owner of the Buffalo Bills, Jim Kelly, apparently floated an idea in Toronto last week that hasn’t gotten much press here, from what I’ve seen.

Fortunately, Colleen Kulikowski’s real estate blog turned me on to a story in the Rochester D&C last week.

“Maybe a new stadium is in the future, in Niagara Falls, so it’s less a drive for the people from up here,” Kelly said.

The Bills, of course, have committed to playing games in Toronto with a plan to market the team up there. Some think the plan is to eventually move the team there.

Bills fans don’t need reminding, I’m sure, but Ralph Wilson turn 90 in less then two months. Right now there are no “Post Ralph Wilson” plans, but Kelly has stated he’d like to be considered as a potential new owner.

“I don’t have mixed emotions; my loyalty is with the Bills in western New York,” he said. “I think it’s important, though, to establish relationships with some major people up here, because who knows what the future holds. I’ve had discussions with Mr. (Ralph) Wilson (team owner), and he knows my agenda. He talks about people up here with money, but I tell him I know 15 or 20 people (in the Buffalo market) with money, too.”

I have no idea where they’d put a stadium in the Cataract City, given that it’s basically one big brownfield … but I welcome the concept.

3 thoughts on “Jim Kelly: Let’s build in the Falls”
  1. Expanding the Western New York demographic with a Niagara Falls locale:

    New demographic footprint:
    Buffalo/Rochester (current demographic) 2,290,000

    + Greater Toronto……….3,847,000
    + St. Catherine’s………….377,000
    + Niagara Falls, Ca…………75,000
    Total new demographic….6,589,000
    Total Niagara Falls
    marginal impact……….+ 4,299,000

    While Buffalo’s demographic footprint is unimpressive from the NFL perspective, the Greater Toronto market (only 1.2 hours drive from Niagara Falls) exceeds the Buffalo’s MSA by 4+ million and expected to grow by another 4 million over the next 25 years.

    It really is a no-brainer…plus a new stadium brings a Super Bowl per NFL policy…it would be NY’s first!

    Since the region has so many athletic assets (HSBC, Ralph Wilson Stadium, Dunn Tire Park, UB Stadium, etc) why not also consider a bid for Buffalo/Niagara Falls for a 2020 Summer Olympic bid? These assets are critical and in congress with the new IOC interest in cost-contained Olympic games (Athens almost did them in). Chicago has an application before the IOC for the 2016 games with a decision to be made on Oct. 2, 2009 in Stockholm. If Chicago does not receive the nod, a Buffalo/Niagara Falls bid could be assembled and be very attractive to the USOC and IOC. US competition is expected to come from Boston, Philly and Charlottesville.

  2. Hey Scott!

    Thanks for the link. It is a rather exciting idea. There is a lot to be said about location and Niagara Falls has that! Plus the economic impact could be just what the region needs!

    Mike I like the way you think… Imagine having the Olympics here!

  3. A perfect site would be in Youngstown where auto parts manufacturer Magna had once owned 600 acres of land. That chunk of land now sits idle (the current owner is unknown to me) and it has ample lake frontage, making for a great view.

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