Fellow columnist, blogger and friend Bob Confer posted something to his blog earlier about the STAR rebate checks showing up in the mail … just a few weeks before election.

New York State legislators are so dirty – and think that we’re so ignorant – that they budgeted…yes, budgeted…for our Middle Class STAR property tax rebates. It’s not that the state experienced a windfall and is giving you back the excess. They purposely planned for this gimmick, basically “borrowing” your money by force and then giving it back to you at a later date.

It’s a mind game, one that’s supposed to win your vote. The legislators know that many voters are sheep and the incumbents will be rewarded for the STAR rebates by those sheep who will vote for those legislators who supposedly did them good.

It looks like I’ll be getting a check for $400 or so. I’m certainly not going to send the money back to them, but I have to agree with Bob. This is a ploy if ever there was one.

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  1. Dont be so quick to jump on a conspiracy theory. Its seems everything that is done with the government has to be a conspiracy to someone. Relax and enjoy life a little.

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