Lockport Common Council President John Lombardi offered a scathing review of the Niagara County Republican Party on Thursday during an endorsement announcement of State Senate Candidate Brian Grear.

According to the Buffalo News:

Lombardi called on voters “to break the legacy of thuggery and intimidation” that he attributed to Maziarz and Wojtaszek. He also urged “other elected officials and people who are in the know” to join him in backing Grear.

Lombardi said Maziarz and Wojtaszek have roughed up several loyal Republicans for political sins. “I don’t like the actions of my political party countywide,” he said.

Of course, Niagara County Republican Chairman Henry Wojtaszek said it’s all because Lombardi wanted a patronage job and the GOP wouldn’t give him one.

I think I’ll keep my eye on this. Last year it was three local GOP Supervisors coming out against George and “the machine.” Now it’s Lombardi. Will there be others? Is Maziarz’ armor wearing thin?

6 thoughts on “Lombardi rails against Maziarz, GOP”
  1. No, i doubt his armor is wearing thing. i just think people who are upset that they havnt recieved somthing from george are starting to come together. sucks when sour grapes adds up to a front page news article. but at least it gives you somthing to talk about on your 40 min talk show.

  2. i say good for malcolm smith for not entering the democrats little party, due to rivera’s addiction to hitting women.

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