Usually there’s not much news to report on a Saturday morning, but with the primary election on Tuesday, there seems to be a lot of news leading up to it.

Jack Davis’ third party run seems to have been derailed because he didn’t sign some paperwork accepting the nomination of the Save Jobs Party he created.

According to the Buffalo News:

The state Board of Elections on Friday threw Davis’ new party off the November ballot because he failed to file a document accepting the party’s nomination for Congress in the 26th District, commission spokesman Robert A. Brehm said.

“The state board commissioners voted today to determine that the . . . petitions of Mr. Davis are invalid,” Brehm said. “The reason was the failure to timely file an acceptance by the candidate, which is required by state Election Law.”

Davis has until Wednesday to appeal. His campaign says they’re looking into their options.

Long removed from local politics, John LaFalce has made a second local endorsement in just a matter of days.

The News says:

Former Rep. John LaFalce has endorsed Assemblyman Sam Hoyt for reelection, Hoyt’s re-election committee announced Friday.

“Sam is an exceptional representative for the 144th Assembly District,” LaFalce said in a statement.

Hoyt is being challenged by former Common Council Member Barbra Kavanaugh for the seat he has held for 16 years. The endorsement comes after Hoyt had admitted to being unfaithful to his wife but has denied breaking any Assembly rules or laws in doing so.

Edwards out, Clark in

We had heard earlier this week that John Edwards had scrapped his entire public schedule leading up to the election … including his planned appearance at UB.

Now, The News reports that retired general Wesley Clark will replace him.

Clark spent 34 years in the military and was the Supreme Allied Commander Europe for NATO from 1997 to 2000. He sought the Democratic Party’s nomination for president in 2004.

Clark will share the UB stage with Karl Rove, former White House chief of staff and Republican strategist. They will debate issues involving the presidential election.

Tickets already distributed for “Rove-Edwards” will be honored, so there’s no need for ticket holders to exchange them, UB officials said.

Tickets still are available for the Rove-Clark lecture at the UB Alumni Arena Ticket office, all Tops outlets or online at

If eyes were votes, John McCain would be president.

The Washington Post is reporting this morning that John McCain’s acceptance speech was viewed by 500,000 more people than Barack Obama’s was the week before.

Frankly, that shocks me. I was interested in Obama’s speech, but didn’t watch cause I was on vacation. I watched Palin’s speech. I had no interest in McCain’s.

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