One of the biggest stories last night was Jon Powers – the endorsed and union supported Democrat – crashing and burning. The Democratic nomination that was theirs to lose … was lost.

But they’re not out of the game yet. The Powers camp sent an email today to supporters (strange … I didn’t get one) saying:

As we are still on the ballot as the nominee for the Working Families Party, my family and team are currently deciding how best to proceed.

If he proceeds in any manner other than dropping out, it will simply be out of spite, because everyone knows you don’t win a congressional election from the Working Families Party line … and he would simply be siphoning off votes from Alice Kryzan – assuring a Chris Lee victory.

4 thoughts on “Powers leaves WFP run opions open”
  1. In my opinion i think Powers should move forward with his campaign and run on the WFP line. It’ll be great for the democratic party. By the way Scott, Niagara Times is giving you some props today.

  2. Our party leaders screwed up. Can anyone tell me why Lewiston Supervisor Fred Newlin is not running agains King George? He has a track record of sucess in the Town where he reduced the citizens electric bills and eliminated the Town Tax. Thats the type of leadership we need in Albany. But what did we get instead from our party fools – a sour grapes guy that can’t even carry his own district. How is he going to do any better in the November – what a joke.

  3. Anonymous and Rob, Newlin wouldnt do that good either. He’d do a lot better than Grear but Newlin barely beat Winkley for Lewiston Supervisor.

    Rob, if you wanted Newlin to run, why not express your opinion to your hubby Rivera? You may have, I dont know, but just seems like your a little depressed.

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