I’m already sick of hearing about John McCain complaining that Barack Obama called Sarah Palin a pig … but as details trickle in about previous uses of the expression … it gets more interesting.

First of all, Obama addressed the statement, saying that if Palin was part of the analogy, she was the lipstick. (So McCain is the pig?) Although he maintains that it’s really McCain’s policies that are the pig.

Second, McCain uses the phrase all the time, according to his daughter.

Third, he used it last year in discussing Hillary Clinton’s health care initiative (or was he talking about Clinton herself?)

Fourth, McCain’s former press secretary, Torie Clark, wrote a book called: “Lipstick on a pig; Winning in the No-Spin Era.”

So maybe McCain will realize quickly that his feigned outrage is going to hurt him?

Or he could just make stuff up. He seems good at that lately.

7 thoughts on “McCain’s pig spin …”
  1. Enough of this pig stuff – what going on with Doug Young.

    Do you think he get's up in the morning and thinks about the "Weather, weather, Weather?”

    I can’t get his voice out of my F&^%en head. Not really.

    Anyhow, I heard he was going to get picked up on satellite or somthing – NOT.

    But seriously, I am a companionate conservative so I do hope he has landed on his feet.

    Do tell.

  2. I talked to Doug recently. He’s doing well. Enjoying the “weather, weather, weather.”

    Doug and I disagreed on occasion – as any coworkers do – but he was overall a very good guy and I, too, wish him the best.

    I hope you’ll understand that I can’t give any details on what happened with Doug, though. It’s just not my place to do so.

  3. Scott, how come you dont respond to me? Although i dont agree with ya very often, I like how you recognize me.

  4. I can’t believe Brian Grear’s comment on your program today – he must be a real hot head.

    Why call the GOP chair a clown (on air), that not his job it’s Dan’s job. If he wants to hold the office of Senator will he needs to start acting like a statesmen and not some cheap political hack.

    The other women call should start writing his scripts – she has a better command of the DEM talking points then the guy seek the seat.

  5. Anon, not true. I talk to ugly people all the time … usually around closing time. 🙂

    Scrappy, I’m surely not ignoring you – just busy trying to take over the world. Thanks for joining in Tuesday night, BTW.

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