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                  September 17, 2008

Kathy Konst’s Integrity Party Confirmed by State Elections Board

Konst Calls Volker’s Continued Fight in Court a Losing Campaign Tactic

Kathy Konst has received notification by the New York State Board of Elections that the Integrity Party petitions nominating her for the State Senate are in fact valid.

Konst said, “I’m gratified that the 5000 good citizens who signed my petitions are vindicated by the State Elections Board.”

Konst continued: “The reason we created the Integrity Party in the first place is threefold:

“First, to restore integrity to the election process in New York State. The media has well-documented the abuses that have taken place at the minor party level. Endorsements are being bought and paid for with cash and promises of patronage jobs. We didn’t want to be a part of that process.

“Second, to offer voters an option of voting for Kathy on an alternative line in the voting booth. All too often, a Republican will not vote for a person on the Democratic line, no matter how much they like that candidate.

“Third, to create a party that people could be proud of joining. We have people who have read about the party in the media and have called our office to ask how they could be a part of the Integrity Party.” If successful in November, we intend to move forward to offer the Integrity Party statewide.”

Dale Volker filed a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court seeking to invalidate the petitions for the Integrity Party. That suit was adjourned until next week to give the State Board the opportunity to rule on the petitions.

Harry Konst, attorney and volunteer on the Kathy Konst campaign, responded: “The Volker lawsuit is just another campaign tactic to distract our campaign staff from speaking about the real issues in Upstate New York.” “Since Volker was elected to office 36 years ago, we have all witnessed a dramatic across-the-board decline in our state’s condition. If I were in the Senate as long as Mr. Volker has been, I think I’d want to distract the voters too.”

Mr. Konst expects the court to approve the ruling of the state Board of Elections and dismiss the suit.

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