Due to technical difficulties, and the fact that I can’t be in two places in one time, today’s Reason will be a re-run of the Aug. 11th episode.

Please enjoy it … again.

5 thoughts on “Reason this morning: rerun”
  1. No I won’t enjoy I repeat, and I don’t think anybody else will either. It’s a turn off. Find a replacement or play music. It’s lazy.

  2. Someone who can’t take the time to click “Name/URL” and post with a name calls ME lazy? Hmm. Okay. You’re saying that if you go to tune into a talk show and hear music, that’s better than hearing a previous edition of the talk show?

  3. Don’t be petty, I wasn’t aware of the workings of the “Name/URL” options and I probably speak for many of your LOYAL listeners. Yesterday’s talk is irrelevent, what the hell am I gonna do with last months? By the way, who else did you think it be?

  4. Lots of anonymous posters here, Marc or Andrew or whoever.

    You should know I don’t play music. And as for this morning’s show, It wasn’t date specific, so it still works. And it lambasted rabid Christians … so it was entertaining.

  5. Lambasting rabid Christians didn’t work the first time? I didn’t listen, but I heard that show SEVERAL times. Yawn.

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