Lots went down today at HSBC Arena, including the unveiling of the new thirds (which look exactly like we thought they did), a scrimmage, lots of autographs, and a press conference with Tom Golisano, Darcy Regier, and Larry Quinn.

The morning started with a hockey tournament with over 60 teams, including a team for US&J Managing Editor Tim Marren. No word yet on how they did, but I’m sure he’ll let you know on his blog.

At 10 a.m. there was a scrimmage between a Gold Sabres team and a Blue Sabres team. It was pretty high flying and fun to watch.

Following the game, the unveiled the new jerseys. They’re pretty cool, although I think the stripes are a bit too wide. Didn’t prevent me from pre-ordering one, though. (They’re supposed to be in in early December.)

And following the unveiling, was the press conference. It was the first I’ve been to in what I hope are a series of many. Despite my newness to the scene, I wasn’t afraid to ask questions.

Of Tom Golisano: “On Responsible New York, are you at all concerned that your foray into politics will damage your image as owner of the Sabres?”

The owner responded (I’m paraphrasing here – for the full answer check the Sabres website for the press conference audio): I knew I was going to take a hit, but I felt it was worth it do try to fix our state.

Interesting answer.

Golisano seemed to light up when the press steered the questions into the political realm.

Also interesting.

More on this whole thing later.

One thought on “Sabres Puck Drop 2008 …”
  1. Scott,

    Loved hearing you ask questions at the presser! I watched it live on Sabres TV and saw you in action!

    Whose name and number did you get on the third? Any or are you just leaving it blank? I am going to be ordering mine soon!

    Tim H.

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