John McCain announced on Wednesday that he is suspending his campaign for the presidency … and is asking Democratic nominee Barack Obama to cancel Friday night’s debate so he can work on a solution to the economic crisis.

Are you shittin’ me? Um no.

Mr. McCain made the call after spending more than an hour preparing for Friday’s debate at the Morgan Library and Museum — which, by coincidence, is where J. Pierpont Morgan bailed the country out of the great financial panic of 1907 by locking the leading bankers of the day in his library and forcing them to come up with a rescue plan. Mr. McCain also cancelled a planned appearance on “Late Night With David Letterman.” He made the statement about returning to Washington to a small pool of reporters at his hotel in midtown Manhattan in front of a blue curtain and two American flags, reading from a Teleprompter. He took no questions.

Is this just his way of getting out of a debate he’s not prepared for? Is he trying to do this to make Obama look cold (knowing that he wouldn’t also suspend his campaign?) Really. I have no friggin’ clue on this.

Anyone want to tackle this for me?

4 thoughts on “He did what?!?!?”
  1. Politicize everything!!! From 9/11, women (Palin),children( Palin’s kids )now this. What a joke and desperate campaign.

  2. Yeah, I think this is pretty lame. Where was he on this(or Obama for that matter) before this all started happened? I think it(the debate) would be an excellent oppurtunity to educate the public on the crisis and it’s possible solutions. But I guess that is all up to the Washington insiders now. I hope the President can explain things tonight, but I expect the same old duck and weave subterfuge. Tell me again about the Bush tax cut and who they helped? Theives and liars.

  3. oh I think you’ve got a pretty good clue. Avoid the debate that would be a slaughter and try to pull some high road crap like if Obama loved his country he’d go back to D.C. with me… too bad H Reid cut him off at the pass and said stay where you are. This country needs a debate about now. Problem is McCain keep trying to steal Obama’s stand on all the issues. Isn’t McCain a Master debaiter ? sorry…

  4. Having a healthy debate about the state of our national finalizes is just what this country needs right about now!

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