Hey. Remember Tom Reynolds? He’s our CURRENT congressman in the 26th district.

What? You forgot? I guess I can understand why. I mean, he is, basically hiding.

But I just found this web page that lists congressmen based on how well they stick up for the middle class. It says he’s at 50 percent for the year. And he’s gotten F’s on the previous four years they graded.

Yup, that’s the Tom Reynolds I remember … stickin’ it to the middle class.

And he’s endorsed Chris Lee. I wonder if Lee thought about declining that endorsement? Doubt it. From what I can tell, Lee aspires to be just like Reynolds. He’s got the same campaign staff. And he doesn’t return my calls. Just. Like. Reynolds.

If I were advising the Dems, I’d tell them to make sure to link Lee to Reynolds just like Obama is linking McCain to Bush. After all, no one really believes that Reynolds isn’t running so he can spend time with his family. It’s cause he was afraid of getting his ass kicked.

One thought on “Tom Reynolds 50/50”
  1. Conversely, the website shows that Buffalo’s real Congressman, Brian Higgins, has a 100% (A+) record.


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