Got the following in the email today. Thought I’d share it … cause that’s what I do.

Subj: You’re an idiot

I can’t believe you spent an entire show talking about a web site that is clearly run by a sexually frustrated woman who has an inordinate interest in Barack Obama. Doing the same tomorrow with John McCain is in insult to your listeners intelligence. Shame on you. The woman has no idea about any of the issues, including her description of intact dilatation and extraction. Shame on you. Why don’t you spend a day talking about the Supreme Court’s current composition and the type of cases that would be seriously impacted by the election of either of these candidates once they make their decisions on who to appoint to the court. For example, Roe v Wade, the right to die, and all the other civil rights cases that would be impacted. A fully conservative court would have no problem stepping into personal decisions, including what you do in your bedroom.

And you don’t like Planned Parenthood? Why – what do you know about the work that they do? Without them poor and uninsured woman would have no place to go for their healthcare. They provide Pap smears and all of the other care that women need not to mention the testing and care of people with HIV (they do treat men, also). They also provide family planning for the uninsured.

And you like Halloween? The party on the right is very opposed to that holiday, which they declare is demonic. Sarah’s ex church, the Assembly of God, feel strongly about the holiday and fight to get it removed from public schools.

The list the emailer is talking about is here. I confess, I wasn’t happy with it and think some of the lists reasons not to vote for Obama are actually funny. But some listeners, no doubt, would view them as legitimate reasons to vote against Obama. Here’s another shorter list if you like.

Tomorrow I’ll be discussing reasons not to vote for McCain.

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  1. Dear emailer,

    Please call the WECK studio 716-783-9325 weekdays between 10 and 11 AM. I’ll be more than happy to put you through to Scott so that you can speak live on the air and tell the listeners what you think.

    (the producer)


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