So … you know there’s a debate tonight, right? I’ll talk about it with‘s Marc Odien this morning at 10:30 on Reason on Hometown 1230 WECK. They’ll be having a debate party at Coles on Elmwood. Meanwhile, I’ll be LiveBlogging it right here at …

And … there’s a hockey game tonight, too. I’ve been LiveBlogging those too.

Dilemma … what’s a man to do?

I think I’ve decided that the LiveBlog will kick off at 7 at the start of the hockey game … and we’ll talk Sabres for a bit … then mix in some politics starting at 8 p.m. as debate watchers start to trickle in. At 9, when the debate starts, I’ll shift my primary focus to the debate, but for those watching hockey, keep talking about it … keep the rest of us up to date.

So … it’s a Double Live Blog. Could be a disaster … or a whole lotta fun.

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