A few notes from last night’s game in which the Buffalo Sabres defeated the St. Louis Blues by a score of 4-3 …

Thank God the Sabres got off to a 3-0 lead or this could have been an ugly game. For the first 10 minutes, I was thrilled to be there. For the next 50, I was nervously anticipating a total collapse. Fortunately, it didn’t happen.

I had an interesting (and unfortunate) discussion with the Sabres PR Department on Wednesday. Some good points:

The classic logo is at center ice to stay for the year. There had been some discussion that it was only there for the month of October. Turns out that was false. So, classic logo is staying for the year.

Second, the Sabres will first wear their new thirds (the classics) at either the Nov. 26th game against Boston or the Nov. 28th game against Pittsburgh. I think the Pittsburgh game would be fitting since we played the Winter Classic against them.

Finally, the bad news … I was informed that NHL rules prohibit LiveBlogging during hockey games and that I won’t be permitted to do the LiveBlog any more from HSBC arena.

You may recall that on a previous LiveBlog, I mentioned that there was a reporter from Vancouver who got tossed out on his ear and banned from the Canucks arena for doing exactly what I’ve been doing … but that the Sabres didn’t mind me doing it. Well, either they changed their mind or the NHL changed it for them.

I’ve always said that the Sabres PR department is a classy outfit and very supportive … and they were in this instance, too … pulling me aside after the game to talk to me instead of crushing the LiveBlog or making a scene during the game (or throwing me out). I’m still welcome to attend the games … take photos … interview players … attend the press conference … etc. Just no LiveBlog.

Now … I think this is a stupid bullsh*t rule … and I’m surely not pleased with it. The NHL obviously understands the importance of the media in maintaining and growing the sport of hockey. They go out of their way to get the media involved in things. So why the shortsightedness on LiveBlogging? Proprietary? Worried about competing with the official radio broadcasts? Fearful that secrets would leak out to the soviets? No clue. I just know that I’m not about to risk my press pass by ignoring the rule.

I’ll probably write a little more on this later. Now … the pix.

The Sabres swarmed early.

Always fresh … Always Tim Horton.

This is what it looked like while LiveBlogging … when I was allowed to LiveBlog.




I had an exclusing interview with Andrew Peters before the press horde ran over. I’ll air it this morning on WECK.

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  1. But I think they have a point (to a degree) your live bloging can thought of “play by play” or re-broadcasting of the game. And how would they make any coin from that.

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