Thanks to Tim Schmitt for this time this morning on Reason. We mostly talked about the Sabres, spending some serious time discussing “The Fragile One,” Tim Connoly, who the Sabres are now saying is “questionable” for tonight’s game with a “bruised chest.”

We also discussed the Sabres putting the kabosh on my LiveBlogging … I personally have a feeling that a competing radio station may have complained about it … which seems logical, since the Buffalo News regularly LiveBlogs during the game.

Now, I dont’ want to piss off the Sabres, who have been very generous to me … but I’m also not one to go quietly when I think something is BS. And I kind of think this is … especially if the Buffalo News is going to continue to do it.

I mean … the LiveBlog is a means for people to get together to watch hockey … without having to get together. It’s actually GOOD for ratings because it requires that people be in different locations, each with a TV (or radio) on. Or … it’s also good for people who are unable to hear or see the game cause it keeps them in the loop. I just don’t understand. Maybe someone can explain it to me better.

But there’s more to life than hockey.

In Alaska, the people behind Senator Ted Stevens have all but given up, realizing that he’s probably not going to win the election. At least this way we don’t have to worry about Who Governor Palin is going to appoint.

I just heard on ABC News that LaBatt’s parent company has to sell them as part of a deal to buy Budweiser. Anyone want to go in on buying LaBatt?

Of course, I’ll need a better salary to afford to buy anything more than a couple cases of beer … so maybe I’ll get a job in the Obama administration. Or maybe not. I don’t think I could pass their screening process.

Hillary Clinton may be getting a job in the administration … as Secretary of State … and that would mean NY would need a new Junior Senator. Maybe someone we know?

Lastly, anyone going to see Jon Stewart at UB tomorrow night?

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