If you follow me on twitter, myspace or facebook, you likely saw a post last night of me talking about Ottawa’s Jarkko Ruuto biting Buffalo’s Andrew Peters in the first period of last night’s hockey game.

Or maybe you heard me talk about it with Tim Schmitt this morning on Reason.

Or maybe you just saw the game and were amazed that such a thing could actually happen in professional sports.

Well – looks like the NHL is amazed, too. According to an AP story posted by Channel 7, the league is looking into the biting incident.

NHL spokesman Frank Brown says in an e-mail Wednesday that the league reviews everything and added if a suspension is warranted it would be announced before the Senators game at Boston on Thursday.

The force of Ruutu’s bite ripped Peters’ glove off and broke the skin on the player’s right thumb. It happened in the first period of Buffalo’s 4-2 win when Peters forcefully rubbed the palm of his glove into Ruutu’s face at the Senators bench.

Ruutu denied that he bit Peters despite replays showing he chomped down on the player’s glove.

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  1. …when Peters forcefully rubbed the palm of his glove into Ruutu’s face…

    And that’s not wrong? I think it goes both ways here.

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