That’s how long before I leave WNY for DC to attend the inauguration of President Elect Barack Obama.

I’ve talked with old friends and complete strangers about my travel plans and I’ve been reading feverishly to get a grasp on how The District is going to be next Monday and – more importantly – Tuesday.

Jamie Dupree, who you may know as a daily contributor to the Neal Boortz show, advises DC-area residents to just stay home to avoid all the fuss. I have a friend named Jamie who says lives a short walk from the Capitol building who says she plans on doing just that.

Were I going a day earlier, I’d probably make sure to catch this concert with a super-cool lineup. But it’ll be aired on HBO, so maybe I’ll just watch it at home. The funny thing is everyone seems to be swooning over Springsteen. He’s just about the least impressive person on the list, IMHO.

But missing out on that Sunday concert won’t be that big a deal, since I will see Aretha Franklin, Yo-Yo Ma and John Williams at the inauguration itself.

The weather peeps in DC say it’ll be cold that day. Still gotta beat the weather here, right? I’m pretty sure Chuck Schmuer’s lottery winners won’t be skipping out on account of the cold.

More countdown stuff tomorrow … when it’ll all be one day closer.

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  1. Springsteen the least impressive? Below the likes of Shakira, Usher and Garth Brooks? No way.

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