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Is Maziarz the all powerful Oz? Or just a straw man?
What do you think?
7 thoughts on “New column in your GNN papers … and online now!”
  1. Wow. What a spine it takes to leave an anonymous comment like that. There isn't anyone in politics more corrupt than george. Straw man? Sure is for various businesses and families in power. Looks like george's supporters aren't even able to own up to the association. Same-O.
    Lou R.

  2. Lou R.,

    I'm sure you work with Scott but even Dick Green fired him.
    Tom S.

    P.S.- I like pepperoni on my pizza!

  3. It's always amused me that certain people find it "below them" to do whatever necessary to pay their debts and take care of their families. I've never been ashamed of being willing to WORK for a living to make ends meet. Just … as an aside. The "pizza" comments don't really offend me. They just make you look like an ass … In my opinion.

  4. You tell them Scott. There are much worse things than delivering pizza for a job. At least you are not sitting at home collecting welfare.

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