So far I've seen the Top of the Rock (thanks to Chris for the suggestion) and did an NBC Studio Tour – including NBC Nightly News and MSNBC studios, Jimmy Fallon's studio, the SNL studios and NBC's makeup department. How very.

Next up is Phantom and then the Knicks game later. After that there was rumors of a party. If not, I may need to find a drinking partner. If I can't find one I know on Facebook, I'm thinking of using, a cool little site I found that let's you chat with the closest person to you (geographically speaking).

Right now I'm blogging from a McDonald's on 46th street. A little bit of down time before the hustle bustle begins again.

I'll probably have my phone off for large portions of the remainder of the day, so if you're trying to get a hold of me, don't let the delay worry you.

Pix to come!


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