So much to say. Only one column a week to do it in.
Recently I bid adieu to Summer, but if this weekend was any indication, Autumn is going to be just fine. Yes, I realize it’s technically still Summer. That’s not the point.
The Peach Festival parade was fantastic as always, although the politicians tend to ruin it a bit for me. But seeing the football players and cheerleaders and community groups out en mass is an awesome sight. I wish every parade could be so grand.
The Peach Festival itself is also always a treat. The kids and I wandered around, did some people watching, and played Skee Ball at a place that only took Loonies. How very bizarre. For cost purposes, I prefer the Skee Ball in Olcott Beach. A quarter is a much better price. But the Loonie bit did make me smile.
The Music Is Art festival at the Albright Knox gets better every year. We ran into some friends, bought some art, ate that incredibly tasty Lake Effect Ice Cream we look for at all events, and heard some awesome music by some of Western New York’s best bands. To Robby Takac, I tip my hat.
It’s primary day for those of you registered in major parties. I’ll be sitting it out, as the only Libertarian option is to relax and watch.
An email I received Sunday from Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Warren Redlich says he’s going to “hold his nose” and vote for Rick Lazio in the Republican primary today. While Redlich is running with the support of my party, he’s actually a Republican. This newfound information lost him points with me. I have a month and a half to work that issue out, though.
A recently released Siena poll found that Lazio and WNY developer Carl Paladino are in a statistical dead heat for the GOP nod. I’d like to think that this more shows Lazio’s ineptitude than any sort of real support for Paladino. At the end of the day, I imagine we’ll find that Lazio’s downstate support will be too much for Paladino’s upstate support to overcome, despite the fact that typically downstate Republicans usually stay home for the primary.
I imagine if I were a member of the Grand Old Party, I’d have to hold my nose in the voting booth today, too. Of course, if I were a member of the Democratic Party (as I was for years) I’d have to hold my nose while voting, too (as I did for years). This may explain why I’m not a member of either of those parties.
They say you can’t fight City Hall. If that’s the case, then fighting the Statehouse must be even more difficult. But a North Tonawanda mom is doing just that and I say, more power to her.
Rhonda Magnus felt she had reason to pull her son out of school in 2005, fearing for his safety and feeling that the North Tonawanda school system could or would do nothing to ensure it.
Mangus said her son’s life was threatened because he was openly gay.
Having gone to high school myself, I have no trouble imagining this happening. Kids are cruel. And sometimes violent.
Granted, most death threats are bogus, but if this was your kid, would you want to take the chance that this incident was not the exception?
Mangus, a substitute teacher herself, decided to home school her son. But the state says that’s not good enough and charged her with “educational neglect.”
You might think it would all be moot now, since her son got his GED last year, but the state is following through.
Rhonda, take this for what it’s worth (not much), but I support you. Best of luck.