When I do something, I go big.
And in this space last week, I went big on being wrong.
At the end of the day, I imagine we’ll find that Lazio’s downstate support will be too much for Paladino’s upstate support to overcome, despite the fact that typically downstate Republicans usually stay home for the primary.” – Scott Leffler. September 14, 2010.
What we really found at the end of the day last Tuesday was that Rick Lazio had little to no support anywhere and Carl Paladino had a ton of support on this end of the state.
Now I’m hesitant to even think about predicting the general election. Conventional wisdom would say that New York is a blue state and Cuomo will wipe the mat with Paladino. But my prediction last week was based on conventional wisdom, too. And you see where that got me.
I’ve heard before that the vast majority of the time, a professional poker player will beat an amateur, because the pro is simply more knowledgeable. But sometimes the amateur will win because he’s unpredictable and won’t do what he’s “supposed to” do.
That could happen. Or the conventional wisdom thing could happen. I’m not going to guess. At least not until late October.
Thus far this season, conventional wisdom has worked with me calling Bills’ games. I thought they looked bad in preseason. And I was pretty sure that would carry over to the regular season. It has. In a big way.
I watched the game Sunday. Well, to be honest, I halfheartedly watched it. But I feel good about that because I feel like they halfheartedly played. Actually, I hope they halfheartedly played, because if they put in a full effort and still looked that bad, I’d be really concerned.
As many of my sports friends have said recently, “Thank God hockey season starts soon.”
Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve always been a bigger hockey fan than football fan. And I most certainly get more excited about the Sabres than I do the Bills.
I was certainly excited on Saturday when I took the kids to the Sabres’ annual Puck Drop event so the team could unveil yet another new jersey. Goodbye slug. Hello new road whites and … royal blue thirds.
I like the road whites a lot. The royal blue thirds with the script lettering? Not so much. I’ve grown accustomed to the darker blue on my Sabres gear. It goes with everything I wear. The royal blue is just going to screw up my wardrobe, so I’m boycotting it.
I’m also boycotting the new license plates. I got my registration renewal in the mail the other day and learned that I don’t have to get the new ugly cash-grab plates. So I won’t. I get two more years of the old ugly cash-grab plates.
Remember how excited we were when we originally learned that Niagara Falls would be on those plates? Only to find that it would be a tiny, barely visible Niagara Falls in the upper left corner? Just another one of those things that New York could have done right, but didn’t.
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