I did a minor revision to scottleffler.com …

I took out the left navbar entirely and added links to the top of the blog, taking you to those things that had been on the navbar that I decided to keep.

I removed the pictures, calendar, and podcasts pages completely, since;
1) no one wants to see pictures of me … and if you do, I have a bazillion on Facebook.
2) I hadn’t updated the calendar in like 27 years. And the thought of updating it and keeping it updated was not palpable.
and 3) No radio show means no podcasts.

I’m not 100 percent pleased with the new design, but it is a little less 1996, which is when I learned HTML … and when I stopped learning HTML. The interwebz have changed just a bit in the past 13 years … and like most things in life, I haven’t kept up.

If you find any glaring errors or anything totally stupid, please email me so I can fix it.

Thanks and have a great day. 🙂