So I got up early today. Well, early for me. I think it was 10:30. Considering the fact I went to bed close to 8, I should be exhausted, but I'm not.

Anyway, having gotten up early – and having a list of things I want to accomplish today, I set out to reinstate my XM service in The Box.

I tried logging in to my account online, but that didn't work. So I looked up my most recent email from SiriusXM and called them.

Victoria was her name. I like the name Victoria. She asked my account number. I gave it to her from the email I had gotten. Then she asked my address. I told her. She said she didn't have that address on file and politely asked for an old address.

I told Victoria that they definitely had my current address. She said "let's try the old address anyway." So I gave her the other four addresses I've used in the past two years. When I hit the Lockport address, she said, "that's the one we have."

I said, in that case, it's for the wrong radio. I don't have that one any more. She asked what I had and I told her it was a factory installed model in my Honda Element.

She said, "oh, then you'll need to talk to XM," … And gave me their number. Hmm, I thought it was the same company now?

Called XM. Got "LJ." I also like that name. Gave her my deets. And told her I wanted to reinstate service. She said I had a past-due balance of $16.75 I had to clear up first. Okay. Whatev. So I paid that.

Then she asked if I wanted to use the same card for the recurring payment. I told her I needed to know what the current deals were first.

$140 a year. Plus $15 surcharge. That's $155 a year, which is basically $13 a month. I said no.

She then offered $43 for three months. Basically, $13 a month. I said no.

"Call me back when you've got an actual deal," I told her.

The entire phone call, she kept calling me Mr. William. Ugh. Why do foreign call centers always do that?

So basically, I'm out $16.75 and an hour of my life … And still don't have my XM back.

Oh, and next on my agenda? I'm off to pay a parking ticket.

I have it on good authority that the day will improve though.

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