My most frequent critic says ‘hi.’
This guy!
It was in reaction to last week’s column
Letter reads:
March 13, 2012
Mr Leffler
     re – “Your Column” in today’s US&J
     You really are a piece of work!!
     You “probably won’t vote for Barack Obama”. What a laugh – If you even think out loud of doing so, you’ll “probably” lose your job with the US&J.
     You spoke of loons – Aren’t those running for president on the Republican ticket just that?
     Talk of riding both sides of the fence – First on the list Bull crapper you!!!
By the way, it’s the same writer as a previously posted hate mail. It’s nice to be loved. 🙂
Of course, my favorite hate mail ever was from someone I thought was a friend. It always works out that way, doesn’t it?