As if you weren’t already sick of the race to the White House this year, last month, The Washington Post had a bracket-style poll for potential candidates for the presidency four years from now.
In the end, “voters” picked New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo over Florida Sen.Marco Rubio by a 59-41 margin. What I found most interesting was that there were three New Yorkers in the poll’s version of the Elite Eight: Cuomo, Hillary Clinton and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. It’s funny how much political pull we seem to have in hypothetical scenarios. Of course, when it gets down to it, we don’t really have that kind of sway.
I thought that our primary vote would matter this year, but as it turns out, the GOP race is over and everyone but Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul seem to know it. Even if the numbers do play out to a brokered convention, Mitt Romney seems to have gathered enough support that he’ll be the candidate. 
So it’s come down to Romney and Obama. Ugh. I’ll be pulling the “none of the above” lever again this year. Just like I did in 2008. And 2004. Admittedly in 2000, I voted for Al Gore. I may be somewhat ashamed about that, so don’t tell anyone
Now that we’ve reached the centrist pandering portion of the race, we’ll see just how little these candidates actually believe in. “Saturday Night Live” did a great skit this past weekend with Romney speaking before a variety of organizations and buttering them up for their vote. If you missed it, try to find it on YouTube or watch it online. It was a great bit.
Speaking of SNL, I can’t help but wonder if Jason Sudeikis — who has played Romney this primary season — is hoping for a Romney win to practically ensure four more years of employment. Or if he’s hoping Obama wins so he doesn’t get stuck on the occasionally-great-but-often-just-sort-of-lackluster show.
I think we all remember a time when SNL was better. And for each of us it’s a different time. But even in the bad years, it’s nice to know that it’s still there for those of us who are more likely to stay home on a Saturday night than to go out.
I did go out this past Saturday, though. I went to my cousin’s birthday party. It was very nice, but it’s always somewhat daunting seeing the extended family. My clan is fairly large and mostly disconnected. Everyone knows we’re all related, but no one seems to be sure exactly how. As such, every conversation begins with, “OK, so who are you?”
Nonetheless, a good time was had by all, and I got to see my favorite cousin and my favorite aunt. And the following day (Easter) I spent time with my favorite mother and my favorite uncle. Plus my favorite daughters and my favorite girlfriend (I only have one, mind you).
In other words, this past weekend, SNL wasn’t the highlight. And at 37, that’s saying something.