This weekend is going to be delicious.

First, I’m fortunate enough to be one of the “celebrity” judges for Dozynki Buffalo‘s pierogi contest. I was a judge last year (click for pix) and if it’s anything like it was, it will be incredible. Check back here for photos and a recount later.

While we’re at Corpus Christi Church at Buffalo’s Superman Corner (the corner of Clark and Kent), we’re going to partake in a game of bowling. I haven’t bowled in years and I’m VERY much looking forward to it. And bowling in a church? Seriously, how awesome does that sound?

Actually, before we even to Buffalo (on the way), we’re stopping off at the Niagara River for the hydroplane races. The girls and I have watched these the last few years. They’re with their grandparents this weekend, so it’s my girlfriend and her kids. Her son’s going to LOVE it. 🙂

Tomorrow, I’m one of the judges for the Taste of Lockport. I’ll be judging the appetizer category. I’m looking forward to the food and to seeing everyone. So, seriously, could this weekend get much better?